Ha! August! Close your eyes… Ok, you’ll tell me closing your eyes defeats the whole purpose of READINg this post, I know, you are right…but just humour me. Can you see the golden fields of wheat? The crickets singing, and the fireflies’ gentle glow? Look at the sky, do you see the hundreds of falling stars the Perseids bring? Can you smell the campfire?  To me, August is the best month of summer, the warmest and most sunny!  What a perfect time for a visit in Old Québec!

Hot summer nights are the perfect canvas for the Loto Québec Fireworks. From August 2nd to August 23rd, the Québec city sky becomes an dance of lights reflecting over the Saint Lawrence River. The organization has chosen 6 musical themes that will be used  for the fireworks and for an open dance floor as well.

It starts with a bang on August 2nd with the Disco /70′ night. Dancing starts at 9:00PM and will be followed by the fireworks 10:00PM. The same schedule applies for the 5 other shows on August 9th-12th-16th-19th and 23rd. The themes are respectively traditional/native music, country/western, hip-hop, social and latino. They have revamped the concept with the adding of the earlier activity. Even better, it won’t cost you a dime to stomp those feet! You can join the professional dancers  both in Lévis and Québec city by the river on the different docks and enjoy some family fun!

Family is a major root in our traditions here. Extended families gather and celebrate their elders and family pride around a boiling pot of hot water. What for? – would you ask me. August marks the season of corn. It is now ripe and sweet and we love a good corn cob with butter and salt. We call these gatherings “Épluchettes de blé d’inde” which would translate to something like “ Indian corn peeling party”? The gentlemen who discovered America thought they had found India and had given the surname “Indian Weat” to corn and it stuck in Québec’s colourful slang. You may come across some of these events while visiting us and we encourage you to join in, as it certainly is fun! 

We typically drink a cold one when reuniting and it brings me to the love affaire Quebecers have had for decades now with micro brews. From August 17th to 20th, the Festibière will have you sample some of our greatest micro brew products. Down by the Louise basin DJ’s, barbecues, and beer (of course), will keep you distracted and well fed for 3 days. Various activities are on the schedule including a brand new “rock-paper-scissors” contest. I bet you this will be…colourful to say the least! The official glass, which is your pass for the event, can be purchased online or directly at the entrance of the site. Just as it is for everything in life, moderation tastes a whole lot better!

August will have you relaxed and add to your smooth summer glow.  Get your sunscreen and sunglasses, it’s time to visit Québec city!