Winter is coming…to Québec City

  The cold season in Québec City brings tons of joy and excitement. Sports fans will be able to put on their skis, snow shoes and skates. Kids will pace counting the days until Santa delivers their  presents. Houses will smell of gingerbread

Summer is not over yet in Québec city! Although the sun is slowly getting to bed earlier each day, (poor thing, it had to shine all summer long, it must be tired by now!) Québec still offers a great deal of activities.   Until September

©SebastienDion-1156 Ha! August! Close your eyes… Ok, you'll tell me closing your eyes defeats the whole purpose of READINg this post, I know, you are right…but just humour me. Can you see the golden fields of wheat? The crickets singing,

Summer in Québec City brings  people from around the globe to visit one of the top destinations in North America. Locals also like to celebrate the brief but beautiful summer by all means possible. Festivals, barbecues, outdoor music, are just a

Traditional roots run deep in the province of Québec. Our heritage speaks out in many different ways, through food, music, literature, theater and more! The shepard’s pie and sugar pie  are on pretty much everyone’s menu at least once a month!

9 Feb Pizza Day

Photo: from the restaurant Sapristi    Since Today is Pizza day, we decided to share some of our favourite restaurants for pizza in Québec City. Let us know which is your favourite from our list, and please share your favourites with us! We are on

Le Monastère des Augustines (Monastery of the Augustinian Sisters) of Quebec City Not far from your hotel the Manoir d'Auteuil is a new museum that opened in the summer of 2015. The museum, a refurbished monastery of the Augustinian Sisters, offers

Business travel and tourism Since the advent of globalization, business travel has been booming in all the countries of the world. The United States and Europe dominate the sector, with, in Europe, Great Britain, France and Spain taking the biggest

Admire Quebec City from its highest point The Quebec Capital Observatory (Observatoire de la Capitale) Even in the heart of Quebec City, you have access to a unique view of the city and its environs. The top floor of the Édifice Marie-Guyart, a building

Quebec city is lucky to host this years 10th edition of the Jazz Festival of Quebec. Artists from various places around the world will come to Quebec city and perform in different venues throughout the city. Amongst these venues you will find le Théâtre

The Big Ben Clock in Quebec City London may be famous for the clock and clock tower at the north end of the Palace of Westminster, yet the city of Quebec also has its own “Big Ben”, the imposing Clock Jura, set on the grounds of Quebec’s City Hall. This

The City Hall of Quebec City The City Hall of Quebec City was designed and entirely built of stone by the architect Georges-Émile Tanguay in 1896, resulting in an imposing building in the shape of the letter H.   Québec City Hall is located

Discover the most beautiful sites of Quebec City Just a few steps from the hotel Manoir d'Auteuil you have access to a totally unique guided tour and have an opportunity to visit the emblematic Château Frontenac. Far from being limited to the Château

The most famous museum in Québec City Designed by a famed Canadian architect, this impressive modern museum named the Musée de la civilisation à Québec (Museum of Civilization) is situated just a few blocks away from the Hotel Manoir d’Auteuil

Spring skiing in Quebec City Spring is an exceptional season for downhill skiing in Quebec City. The sport is enjoyed by snowboarders as well as beginners and experienced skiers alike. Temperatures in springtime are quite moderate, assuring a pleasant

Ski Tour Canada 2016 in Quebec City Ski Tour Canada’s Cross Country Ski World Cup was a huge success this year in Quebec City.  Just 4 years ago, in 2012, Quebec City had the pleasure of hosting this world sporting event, right in the heart of

The Casse-Cou staircase of Québec city It was at the end of the eighth century that the staircase Casse-Cou was builded under the control of the French colonial authorities. The date of the exact construction does not have a quorum among the historian