Quebec: a maple syrup paradise!

Variety of maple syrup colours ©Shutterstock Maple syrup is possibly Québec’s greatest treasure and renowned exportation (or is it tied with Céline Dion?!) Each Maple sugar season will last somewhere between 6 to 8 weeks depending on the weather

Did you get to try our continental breakfast or our granola breakfast during your last stay? We have had several requests for our recipe and thought you may want to have it. It is quick and simple!   Ingredients 6 cups rolled oats (not instant) 6

  The cold season in Québec City brings tons of joy and excitement. Sports fans will be able to put on their skis, snow shoes and skates. Kids will pace counting the days until Santa delivers their  presents. Houses will smell of gingerbread

Crystal, Le Cirque du Soleil on Ice Le Cirque du Soleil's new show, Crystal, will be presented on ice in Quebec City at the Videotron Center from December 13 to 15, 2017. Le Cirque du Soleil is in its 43rd production and is still able to renew itself

Dufferin terrace Toboggan Slides This impressive winter slide has been a delight for young and old alike for more than a century. This elevated structure was built in 1884. It is open every day depending on the temperature from mid-December to mid-March

The Arctic Change 2017 International Conference The Québec City Convention Center is hosting the International Arctic Change 2017 Conference from December 11 to 15, 2017. The Arctic Change 2017 conference will bring together a large number of people

Esplanade Park in Quebec City This charming little Esplanade Park is located in the heart of Old Quebec. It is nestled just between the gates Saint-Louis and Saint-Jean in a heritage site located in front of the Hotel Manoir d’Auteuil. The park is

Summer is not over yet in Québec city! Although the sun is slowly getting to bed earlier each day, (poor thing, it had to shine all summer long, it must be tired by now!) Québec still offers a great deal of activities.   Until September

Velirium 2017 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup The Québec City region is hosting the 2017 Mountain Bike World Cup, which runs from August 4 to 6 at Mont Sainte-Anne. This international competition welcomes more than 1,000 athletes from around the world,

©SebastienDion-1156 Ha! August! Close your eyes… Ok, you'll tell me closing your eyes defeats the whole purpose of READINg this post, I know, you are right…but just humour me. Can you see the golden fields of wheat? The crickets singing,

The Morrin Center in Old Québec The Morrin Cultural Center is a hidden gem of Old Quebec, just a 3 minutes walk from the hotel Le Manoir d'Auteuil. The Morrin Center is a multifunctional place where the cultural memory is represented as well as the

Summer in Québec City brings  people from around the globe to visit one of the top destinations in North America. Locals also like to celebrate the brief but beautiful summer by all means possible. Festivals, barbecues, outdoor music, are just a

Traditional roots run deep in the province of Québec. Our heritage speaks out in many different ways, through food, music, literature, theater and more! The shepard’s pie and sugar pie  are on pretty much everyone’s menu at least once a month!

Hotel Art Deco How the hotel Manoir d'Auteuil fits in the Art Deco movement The Art Deco movement originated at the beginning of the 20th century just before the First World War and it took off from the 1920s until the 1930s. The Art Deco style

The Art deco Price building The construction of the Price skyscraper in Old Quebec was launched in the controversy in 1930. Indeed, the citizens and merchants of the capital city of Quebec, seeing the height increase in size weeks after weeks were barking.

History of D’Auteuil Street in Old Québec Located at the entrance to Old Quebec, along the St-Jean and St-Louis gates, it was around year 1735 that d'Auteuil street was traced. First known as the Rue des Remparts and then the Rue de l'Esplanade, the

The most beautiful neighbourhood in Quebec City The smallest neighbourhood in Quebec City is also the most beautiful and one of a kind named Petit-Champlain and Place-Royale (Basse-Ville, Lower Town). You may have already explored the Vieux-Quebec (Upper

9 Feb Pizza Day

Photo: from the restaurant Sapristi    Since Today is Pizza day, we decided to share some of our favourite restaurants for pizza in Québec City. Let us know which is your favourite from our list, and please share your favourites with us! We are on

Le Monastère des Augustines (Monastery of the Augustinian Sisters) of Quebec City Not far from your hotel the Manoir d'Auteuil is a new museum that opened in the summer of 2015. The museum, a refurbished monastery of the Augustinian Sisters, offers

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