Dufferin terrace Toboggan Slides

This impressive winter slide has been a delight for young and old alike for more than a century. This elevated structure was built in 1884. It is open every day depending on the temperature from mid-December to mid-March each year.

Its construction predates the famous Château Frontenac. So, the slide of the Dufferin Terrace is probably the oldest tourist attraction of the Old Quebec. It was erected on the Dufferin Terrace which was newly built for only 5 years (1879).

This stunningly high slide offers 3 aisles of ice and you can slide into toboggans that can accommodate 4 passengers. You will live an unusual experience as you will get to speed up to 70 km / hour down the hill.

Plusieurs autres activités hivernales vous attendent sur la terrasse Dufferin comme la Grande Fête Hivernale, incluant la glissade, le hockey bottine, la décoration de biscuits en pain d’épice, la bataille de boules de neige, une soirée glissades « glow in the dark » et bien d’autres.

Many other winter activities await you on the Dufferin Terrace, such as the Grande Fête Hivernale, including sledding, boot hockey, gingerbread cookies, snowballs, slide Glow in the dark and many others.

Packages are offered:

  • Individual sliding
  • Slide & hot chocolate or coffee package
  • Package 4 slides with family or friends
  • Group package (20 people and more)