Traditional roots run deep in the province of Québec. Our heritage speaks out in many different ways, through food, music, literature, theater and more! The shepard’s pie and sugar pie  are on pretty much everyone’s menu at least once a month! We are proud of who we are and we are keen to defend our culture when need be. We may borrow a few words from other languages, but they always end up sounding like they are part of our distinct Québecois French!  During Saint Jean Baptist Day,  we celebrate not only who we were as a people but also who we are today on our National holiday.
Centuries ago, John the Baptist was celebrated by several societies and was later named Saint Patron for the Province of Québec. Nowadays the religious side has faded to a more cultural than pious event, but is still a very popular event where Canadians celebrate our rich french history and culture.
Every year, Quebec musicians gather on the Plains of Abraham  to put on a fantastic show where their hearts and voices join in celebration of Québecer’s love of life and our rich heritage.
The festivities are for everyone and access is free.  Come join us as we celebrate the Eve of Saint Jean Baptiste Day.  The show is just a few minutes walk from the Manoir d’Auteuil and starts at 8:00pm on June 23rd.

While you wait for the big event, I highly recommend taking one of the many tours offered throughout the city. They will give you useful insights on our rich history and fascinating architecture.
Tours Voir Québec  specializes in walking tours. Their Grand tour takes you through the old city’s street for 2 hours of pure historical delight.  Many details shown on this tour are not even known to locals. Count yourselves lucky!
Tours Voir Québec also offers a delicious food tour in the early afternoon. Get a taste of Québec’s cuisine all the while learning about our history and French Canadian eating habits!  If you would like to explore the Saint Roch area, another fantastic food tour is also offered and is a great way to visit this up and coming Quebec City neighbourhood.
Another great and fun option is offered by Ghost Tours of Québec  where the tour guide will let you in on some of our darkest twisted secrets along the streets of the old town…do you dare?
Québec is a romantic, historical and absolutely gorgeous city! One visit and you will fall in love with our beautiful city, guaranteed!  See you soon!