Performing Arts


When in Québec City, you will soon discover that this city is rich in culture and performing arts.

There are many lovely theatre venues and concert halls throughout the city that truly radiate the charm of the city. From international artists, local artists, street performers, you are sure to find something you love. Throughout the entire year, Quebec presents a constant stream of different plays, concerts and shows in many different venues. During the summertime, you will often find outdoor shows, some of them free! Here is a list of some of these venues.

Le Capitole and Le Palais Montcalm are ideal when looking for a traditional theatre performance. Le Palais Montcalm is especially known for its classical performances and plays,


Le Capitole is the perfect spot if you are looking for events such as tributes to Elvis, Johnny Cash and many others, as well as featuring comedy shows and local artists.


For a more modern experience you will definetely want to visit le Théatre de la Bordée in the Saint-Roch area which features all sorts of plays.


Outdoor concerts are definately part of Québec City’s charm in the summertime. This outdoor venue offers free shows from local artists from Québec.


The Opera of Quebec is definately the place go for all the fans of Opera. All the shows are performed at Le Grand Théâtre.


Ex Machina is a company that reunites actors, writers, set designers, technicians, opera singers, pupeteers, and many other artists to create a unique experience. The creative team from Ex Machina believes that the performing arts, such as dance, opera, music should be mixed with recorded arts such as filmaking, video art and multimedia.


Imperial Bell is a charming venue located in the Saint-Roch area. This place features mostly musical shows from local artists.


Situated really close to the hotel on la Rue Saint-Jean, this petite theatre features plays, clowning & puppet shows geared towards youths.


Le Périscope is a theatre that specializes in creative theatre. It is reknown for its creative shows.


Le Théâtre Blanc produces contemporary and innovative theatre.


The newly renovated Théâtre du Petit-Champlain is situated directly in the heart of the charming Quartier Petit Champlain. This venue presents mostly musical shows as well as comedy.


The Videotron Centre is the second largest arena in Quebec. It accomodates a great variety of different events such as sports events, concerts, circus shows, etc. This arena welcomes reknown international artists as well as local artists.


The Petit Théâtre de Québec is an intimate venue situated in the heart of the city. It is perfect for theatrical shows, small musicals, conferences as well as comedy shows and films. It offers all the advantages of a big theatre, but in a small one.


La Maison Jaune is a multidisciplinary learning centre for all of those wishing to perfect their skills in visual arts, in dance, theatre and singing. Everyone is welcome to participate in some of their classes or assist any performance.

Photo: © Palais Montcalm