Photo: from the restaurant Sapristi

Photo: from the restaurant Sapristi

   Since Today is Pizza day, we decided to share some of our favourite restaurants for pizza in Québec City. Let us know which is your favourite from our list, and please share your favourites with us! We are on a constant hunt for the perfect pizza.

Sapristi : This restaurant is one of our favourites for many reasons.

  • It is a 5 minute walk away from the hotel (the fact that it is downhill takes away some of the guilt from eating so much since you have to climb back up afterwards).
  • They offer some delicious flatbread which is perfect if you are not extremly hungry but still want to try their pizza.
  • The terrasse in the summer allows us to forget some of our cold winter days.

 Bello :

If you are looking for a nice glass of wine and gourmet pizza, this is the spot for you.

Pizzaio :

This restaurant definitely makes the most unique and delicious pizzas we have seen. You need to have a look for yourself.

Which one will you be trying?