The Best Restaurants, Bars & Microbreweries near the Hotel Manoir d’Auteuil

Quebec City is the perfect destination for gourmet travelers and anyone who appreciates fine wine and spirits. In the immediate vicinity of Le Manoir d’Auteuil diners will find a wonderful variety of restaurants, cafes and bars to choose from. Our staff will be happy to help you find the right place for any occasion. Whether it’s a romantic date night, a family friendly dinner or a gourmet adventure — we will help you find the perfect destination within walking distance of the hotel.

We begin with some of our favorite restaurants, and follow with bars (many offer live music) and Quebec City’s Micro Brew tour! We always recommend making reservations in advance of your stay, to ensure you get the time and dates you prefer. Either reserve direct with your favorite choices, or simply contact us by email: , and we will be happy to make your reservation on your behalf.  Here are some of Quebec City’s best restaurants!

Haute Ville (Upper Town), near the hotel

Le Saint-Amour
The Five Star Le Saint-Amour is located around the corner from the hotel. Under the direction of Chef Jean Luc Boulay, Le Saint-Amour is one of the premier restaurants in Old Quebec City. The extensive wine cellar and unique décor complement the extraordinary cuisine that combines classic technique with local ingredients.
Website:, rue Sainte-Ursule/418 694-0667/$$$$

Le Continental
Another 5 star dining experience offering fine French food that is cooked right in front of you for a unique gourmet experience. Website:, rue Saint-Louis/418-694-9995/$$$$

Aux Anciens Canadiens
Aux Anciens Canadiens is down the street from the hotel. It features authentic Quebec fare with an emphasis on game. Website:, rue Saint-Louis/418 692-1627/$$$$

Les Frères De la Côte
A french-inspired bistro that serves a variety of food from pizzas, steak, seafood, tartar as well as a good selection of wines. Website: 1129, rue Saint-Jean/ 418-692-5445/$$$

Le Hobbit 
A typical French neighborhood Bistro, excellent for lunch, dinner or even brunch. Located on Rue Saint-Jean outside the walls. Website: rue Saint-Jean/418-647-2677/$$$

Situated in a historical building from the 1760’s, the Portofino bistro serves traditional Italian food. Website: rue Couillard/418-692-8888/$$$

Elegant Italian restaurant specialized in risotto, pizza, pasta situated on rue Saint-Louis just a couple of minutes away from the hotel. Website: 73 rue Saint-Louis/418-694-0030/$$$

Casual Italian bistro, just down the hill from the hotel. Very reasonably priced and an excellent choice for a late arrival or light fare. Website: / 1001, rue Saint-Jean/ 418-692-2030/$$

Petit Champlain


Le Lapin Sauté
A small, cozy, friendly restaurant that specializes in preparing mostly rabbit and duck. The terrace is definitely a must-try during the summertime, directly in the heart of the Quartier Petit-Champlain. Website: 52, rue du Petit Champlain/418-692-5325/$$$

Bistro Sous-le-Fort
Enjoy the flavors of a typical French bistro and a great view of the Château Frontenac from the terrace in the summertime. Website: 48, rue Sous le Fort/418-694-0852/$$$

Le Cochon Dingue
A French-inspired but 100 % Québecois Bistro. You will find steaks, salads, sandwiches, tartare on the menu. Ideal for brunch, lunch or dinner! Website: 46, Boulevard Champlain/418-692-2013/$$

Le Panache
Elegant restaurant with a foyer, brick walls, and gorgeous wooden ceiling beams. This 4 diamond restaurant offers all local products such as ingredients grown in a garden from the island of Orleans. Also offers a gorgeous view of the Saint-Lawrence River and the cruise ships. 10, rue Saint-Antoine/418-692-1022/$$$$

Elegant restaurant in a sober décor serving French Canadian gastronomical food. Website:, rue Saint-Pierre/418-694-1818/$$$$



Café Saint-Malo
A charming, Family-owned, French Bistro with comforting food for those casual nights.  Facebook Page: 75, rue Saint-Paul/ 418-692-2004/ $$$

SSS (Simple Snack Sympathique)
A great combination of snack bar inspired food and more refined food served in a lounge ambiance, or with a foyer, whichever you prefer, since the restaurant has two distinct dining areas. Website: 71, rue Saint-Paul/ 418-692-1991/$$$

Mistral Gagnant
Traditional French food inspired by the area of Provence, served in a place decorated with locally-made works of art. Website: 160, rue Saint-Paul/418-692-4260/$$$

Le Quai 19
Enjoy some delicious seafood in this modern but friendly looking decor.  Website: 48, rue Saint-Paul/418-694-4448/$$$

Laurie Raphael
Known for both the décor featuring the work of talented Quebecois artists and artisans, and the innovative cuisine, Laurie Raphael is a trendsetter in fine Quebec dining.
Website: 117, rue Dalhousie/418-692-4555/$$$$

A classic bistro excellent for both lunch and dinner, L’Échaudé has a
selection of over 150 wines, imported beers and single malt Scotches, plus attentive service.
Website: 73, rue Sault-au-Matelot/$$$

Saint-Roch, Saint-Vallier


Le Renard et la Chouette
Prepare for a unique, out-of-the-box experience with this café-restaurant with French & Mediterrean inspired food. Website: 125, rue Saint-Vallier Ouest/418-914-5845/$$$

Le Pied Bleu
An eclectic, vintage-looking, place that specializes in brunch and delicious meat platters. Website: 179, rue Saint-Vallier Ouest/418-914-3554/$$$

L’Affaire est Ketchup
This eclectic restaurant will serve traditional meals but with a twist. Facebook Page: 46, rue Saint-Joseph Est/418-529-9020/$$$

Le Clocher Penché
An elegant bistro with all locally-grown ingredients and a great wine card. Facebook Page: 203, rue Saint-Joseph Est/418-640-0597/$$$

Local Pubs with Live Music in Quebec City


Le Pub Saint-Patrick
Pub St. Patrick is located down the street from Le Manoir d’Auteuil. It’s a classic Irish pub with extensive beer and whiskey selections, pub food and occasionally a live band. Website: 1200, rue Saint-Jean/418-694-0618/$$

Pub St. Alexander
Pub St. Alexander is also down the street from Le Manoir d’Auteuil. It’s ideal for businessmen and features live music. Website: 1087, rue Saint-Jean/418-694-0015/$$

Le Pape Georges
A small rustic-looking bistro which specializes in meat platters, panini, beer and wine. Also presents concerts on certain nights. Website: 418-692-1320/$$

Pub Murphy’s
This pub/restaurant has Live shows such as blues, jazz, folk. A wide selection of microbrewery beers, scotches, whiskeys, and organic flatbread pizzas. Website: 1095, rue Saint-Jean/418-694-0015/$$

Fou Bar
Intimate and casual local bar serving beer on tap and often presenting shows with local artists. Website: 525, rue Saint-Jean/418-522-1987/$$



L’Innox, a local brewery just up the street from the hotel, is also a nice place for business socializing. Website: 655, Grande-Allée Est/ 418-692-2877/$$

Les 3 Brasseurs
Microbrewery beer, brewed right beside you! The terrace is spacious and perfectly located on the strip of Québec City, la Grande-Allée. Website: 650, Grande-Allée Est/418-478-2868/$$

Le Projet
Restaurant/Pub that offers a wide selection of microbrewery beers and refined pub food. Facebook Page: /399, rue Saint-Jean/ 418-914-5322/$$$

Le Griendel
This microbrewery can be depicted with these three words: quality, innovation and astonishment. Facebook Page: /195, rue Saint-Vallier Ouest/581-742-2884/$$

La Barberie
Local beer producer, that specializes in unique tasting beers- unlike any other. An amazingly cozy terrace during the summer, perfect for enjoying your beer. You can even bring your own lunch, which is a great little add-on. Website: 310, Rue Saint-Roch/418-522-4373/$$

Off the Beaten Path


Restaurant Le Graffiti
Graffiti is located near the museum of fine art. It’s a local favorite with a French and Italian menu and relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Website: 1191, avenue Cartier/418-529-4949/$$$

IX pour Bistro
Located in Limoilou, this understated building in the outskirts of Limoilou offers fabulous food. The eclectic ambiance in a petit dining room and personalized service make for a delightfully unique dining experience. Facebook Page: 1104, 18e Rue/418-914-8525/$$$

 Please note that IX pour Bistro has only 9 tables and two seatings for dinner. If you want to dine here, you must reserve well in advance!