Summer is not over yet in Québec city! Although the sun is slowly getting to bed earlier each day, (poor thing, it had to shine all summer long, it must be tired by now!) Québec still offers a great deal of activities.


Until September 3rd, we can still enjoy the free circus show “Crépuscule” presented at the Agora (Old Port). This 60 minutes show will be the joy of many acrobatics enthusiasts. In a theme circling around the tides and wind, acrobats will transport you in a parallel universe where gravity knows no law! Show starts at 8:pm Tuesday through Sunday and doors open 30 minutes before the beginning of the show.


The Louise Bassin will also be witness to “Bordeaux Fête le Vin à Québec” a great wine tasting fair. From August 31st to September 3rd, experience and learn about wine tasting, discover the history of Bordeaux wines or simply enjoy a good time with friends in this great event where wine, food and music intertwine.   The tasting glasses (passes) can be purchased on site or via the event’s website ( . How else could you spend Labor Day weekend huh?


September is possibly the best time to go hiking, as the temperature is comfortable during the day. Jacques Cartier National Park offers many trails and activities all the while being only 35-40 minutes drive from the Old city. Trails are accessible to every hiker. Whether you are beginner or intermediate, there will be a trail just for you. You also get a bonus feature in the second half of the month: changing colors of the leaves. The rich yellows, oranges, reds and purple will take your breath away, plus, the forest smells so good in the fall! Note the changing of the color is at its best from mid September to second week of October with slight changes every year depending on the temperature of the last weeks and area of your visit. A few websites monitor where the colors are at their best every year (québec original)



Not only can you enjoy the colors but September also marks the reaping season for many fruit and vegetables. Many orchards on the Orleans Island offer apple picking and later in September pumpkins and squash as well. For a meager 40$ (varies from farm to farm) you can have a full wheelbarrow. Kids really enjoy a day out in the field choosing which pumpkin they will be decorating for Halloween!. Dozens of local producers of all kind (fruit, vegetables, chocolate, duck, etc) post signs at the entrance of their domain inviting guests to taste and visit their farms or small factories. The island is also a great picnic spot, especially for dinner at sunset on the west point of the island: bring a few blankets!


September also means the Cruise ship season starts bringing thousands of cruise enthusiasts. The season peaks on September 28th-29th with and impressive 13000 people disembarking. In July 2017, Quebec City was voted best cruise destination by the Cruise Critics website.    These see giants will take turns in the different docks and allow thousands of travellers to discover the great capital.

All in all, Québec City is not ready to hibernate just yet. So, get your coats and sweaters, and take a deep breath of fresh fall air! We have tea and hot chocolate waiting for you on your way back!