Quebec International of Sacred Music

Quebec International of Sacred Music Festival

The Festival of International Sacred Music is making a comeback this year from November 3rd to the 6th. The festival will be presenting four different shows for its 19th edition.

The venues hosting this event are Le Monastère des Augustines, the Jésuites Chapelthe Holy Trinity Cathedral and the Saint-Roch Church.

Various artists will be performing such as Maude Brunetthe musicians of Les Violons du RoyKawandak and Sioui, the Symphonic Orchestra of QuebecLes Rhapsodes and finally, Marie-Josée Lord.

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Embracing Music of All Religions

Come savour the religious heritage of Old Quebec and the artistic vision of spirituality. The priest of St. Roch, Father Mario Dufour, began the event with the promise of bringing peace and beauty to the people of his neighborhood during the revitalization of the parish.

In this present day and age, artists from around the world come to share their version of spirituality. This is the only event in Canada to host a festival devoted entirely to embracing sacred music of all religions. Come hear world music, gospel, Gregorian chants and spiritual music from everywhere inbetween.

The public comes together for the power of appeasement and exaltation that permeates through sacred music. Hosted at one of the most beautiful places of religious heritage in Old Quebec, the festival responds to a need for healing and coming together as a global movement.

Each fall, internationally-renowned artists come together to perform music without religious barriers at Église Saint-Roch. Come be reborn amidst the stirring power of the Quebec International of Sacred Music festival with concerts, seminars, and exhibitions for the whole family.